My photography is a manifesto for the beauty of the world.

I am passionate about documentary photography, no matter if I’m traveling or looking to illustrate concepts into visual metaphors.

I immerse myself in my work, documenting the complexities of people’s lives and their communities. I strive to capture the ethos of a place, no matter how remote it is. I love to get close to people and reveal real life stories.

Faces of Mongolia: The faraway land of the horse masters

Dreams: My own reflection in the world, through time.

Colours: On a sunny day, I decided to play with colours.

Looking for bargains: Just a regular day in an antique market.

Pieces of a fallen world: A collection of postcards from Eastern Europe.

Following the trace of time – Portraits of Eastern Europe.

Portraits through a mirror – Moments of breath before observing there is someone taking pictures.

Enjoying the visual journey?

I sure hope you do, feel free to write me a few lines while you’re at it.

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