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The story of my studio starts with an amazing house I found in Cluj.

I wanted something more than photography, but still something in the visual arts. At the time, I liked the idea of furniture restorations, in a small, intimate space, in which to do my job, to be more of a hobby. But Marcel said it’s too little, that I will remain in a basement, so he did his part, car restoration, having a passion for old cars. He found the house, took me here one day and told me that he will rent it with or without my help. Somehow, the things we both liked fit together and what resulted is what you see here. When we met up with the owners, it felt like an interview, they were questioning us on our business plan, we were offering them enthusiasm and trust in our own plan and fewer numbers. But they liked the idea. We rented the house, it was empty, and we started to buy stuff.

Well, here goes nothing. Everything in my studio selected and brought by us from fairs. I love fairs because they combine searching with photography, we opts for fairs in Germany and the Netherlands. In Romania they go to the one in Negreni, not for the objects, but strictly for photography. 

One time, in Germany, our van and trailer were full and we had to get a coffee table from somewhere. We got there and found out they were selling everything in the house and the owner had been a painter and had a workshop. I loved everything! I wanted everything in my studio! So we unpacked everything, gathered it, unpacked it again. I said to Marcel I am not leaving here without the table, the cupboard, the paintbrushes. The guy had had a back surgery and couldn’t help us with the transportation at all, the workshop was not at all small, and to get everything we had to reorganise everything in the car. In the end we gathered everything here in the yard, we only had a week until the opening, and then I took the canvas off and I started to cry, wondering what I would do with them all. Slowly, everything worked out, but it’s hard to say I designed everything because it all came spontaneously and I think that, no matter how you’d arrange them, they’d still look good.

Now this is my house and my place.


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