How I started photography

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Learning from the manual

I gave up on going to Medical school after one year of university, when I realised that the only thing I found fascinating was the illustrations in the anatomy atlas, and I went back home, to Câmpulung, with broken wings. At home, I decided to buy a camera and two days I didn’t get out of the house because I read the instruction manual. I had to start from scratch: I didn’t know anyone who did something like this and from whom I could learn. Therefore, for me, this story is autodidactic. I felt that I want more and took a class in Bucharest, about 2 months after discovering this new land. The person holding the class gave me a refresh from the first moment, taking out albums, telling me – This is photography. And that was when I realised I knew nothing.

The trip to Israel

I didn’t start with a precise objective or the thought of a career out of photography. It was just for the sake of taking those frames, to see the final result. With this „dropping out of school” situation, my parents decided I am in a “delicate situation”, so they figure out a trip to Israel, to the Saint Sites, alongside a group of pilgrims, was something that could save the situation. For me, it was a chance to experience photography and so I accepted their plan, making my own in my mind. I was stopped at the airport in Bucharest because it was not allowed to leave with the camera, they left me only with one lens and the flash, seeing as they couldn’t check such a sophisticated device. Don’t imagine that this happened 100 years ago, it was just the fact that it was an Israeli flight, and the rules were slightly… off. The camera wasn’t even a professional one.

How to make photos if you don’t have a camera

I left like that, with nothing. After 3 days I managed to contact a woman in Telaviv, who bought me a camera, and I gave her all my money for the trip, but she bought me a junk of a camera but a good enough one (allowed me manual commands). And I took all my photos with it, it was amazing. That was the project at the end of which I realised that this is what I want to do.

This is the beginning of photography. I did not make any plans, on the contrary, I think it was pretty hard for me to realise it is a part of me. I was pretty certain that I wanted to go to medical school, that I wanted a set career, my parents are engineers.

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