Hi, I’m Anca Cioltan,
artist photographer.

This is a small piece of my work, brought to life by the click of the shutter.

I’ve found inspiration in breaking the geographical boundaries and sometimes in the deep & obscure places of the mind.

I spent time in the house of a cigarette smuggler in Bucovina province, I fought the harshness of the Kazakhstan steppe sun and traveled a path through culture and tradition throughout the former USSR countries,

Endured the cold nights of Norway or tried to find my true self in the waters of depression.

The results of my travelings and thoughts are here.

I share them with a mix of fear, uncertainty but joy and enthusiasm, hoping that my story will make you feel the same, in a profound human way.

If you’ve liked what you have seen, let me hear your story and maybe be your guide in sharing it through my lenses.

Looking forward to meeting you, Anca.

So what’s next for you? Well you write me a few lines while you enjoy my visual discovery

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